Mummy Mission and her Thomas Adventure!

Well it’s been a bit quiet in the mission household recently, not one single incident worth mentioning, until yesterday that was. I had a lovely day with Drama and Princess shopping in Chester and a spot of lunch by the Dee followed by Ice cream.

The Train Journey home was even filled with joy, but that was mainly because of the drunk Blackpool fan tucked up in the corner, with his can of Stella and his rendition of waltzing Matilda. He was very entertaining until he decided to throw up all over the ticket master, not the best thing to do but admittedly he was on the wrong train anyway and the long walk home to Blackpool probably would have sobered him up very quickly.

Anyway once home the girls were having a fashion show of what they had brought in Chester and Monster was showing off his New Thomas engine all was calm when bang! Monster had taken it upon himself to see if his new train could bounce, admittedly it did bounce once it had hit my bare foot.

The tears streamed from the laughing faces of my little family, it wasn’t funny. Well maybe it was after all what damage could a plastic train do to a bare foot declared Daddy Mission only after he picked up the engine he noticed that the engine part of the train was actually metal, and mummy’s toes had now turned black. Monster came to apologise and give his mummy a big hug only to stand on the toes he had just blackened with his toy engine!

Off to A&E and 5 hours later a student doctor confirmed what I had told him 5 hours earlier, but we are sorry there is nothing we can do but strap them together and let them heal naturally. The good old NHS, the student doctor went on to ask me very sarcastically how I knew they were broken?  I had to refrain myself from telling him, but I calmly declared “MOTHERS KNOW EVERYTHING”! After all it’s in our Job description, along with the eyes in the back of our heads and the mother’s intuition.

So Thomas the tank engine has now been barred from our house until he learns to behave!

About Lena Doherty

Mummy to four and Wifey to one. I'm a 34 year old,who is following her dream of becoming a Freelance Journalist/Columnist. Trying to make a better life for her little family, dreams of living in the country. Thats all really!
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