My Field of Dreams

After working crappy jobs since I was 16, I was part of a generation that was taught just to get a job, there was no time for daydreaming. I still remember that chat with the career’s advisor:

She said “What are your interests?”

Me: “well I love writing and making up stories”

She said “well enough of that day dreaming let’s get you a proper job”

I remember tripping over my tears on the way out of the office.  The early 90’s were so rubbish where I lived, no one was allowed to dream well certainly not in our house you had to get a job and keep it for as long as possible.

So at the stroke of midnight 2010, (nearly 20 years later) I made a promise to myself that this would be the year that I started to follow my dreams.  I was determined that this mummy was going to become a successful writer, Journalist and one day Columnist. I searched the internet for writing jobs, until I came across something called Field of Dreams.

At first glance I thought it was just something to do with the film Kevin Costner was in but reading into it, it had been set up by an amazing lady called Muireann C-Campbell. This amazing lady has inspired me to write down all of my dreams and ambitions and send them to her and she puts them on her Field of Dreams blog for all to see.

So I sat down with my post card and thought about what I REALLY wanted out of life, this was hard after all I come from a family who don’t dream. So breaking with tradition I stared to write:

1. I want to become a successful writer/journalist

2. I want to build a better life for my family

3. I want to be an inspiration to others

4. I want to give something back to the world (raise money for hardworking charities)

5. I want to teach my children to dream

6. To write a book

That was it my dreams list was complete, and all I had to do now was post it.   My heart was beating so fast I could hardly breathe (I know far too dramatic) but I had waited so long.

I suppose this is where it all begins…..Go on take a look and write down all your dreams and send it to the address below, what have you got to lose?


Field of Dreams

PO BOX 299



LS16 0EY

About Lena Doherty

Mummy to four and Wifey to one. I'm a 34 year old,who is following her dream of becoming a Freelance Journalist/Columnist. Trying to make a better life for her little family, dreams of living in the country. Thats all really!
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4 Responses to My Field of Dreams

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful asiprations – keep dreaming. Best of luck to you!

  2. Good luck! I've done the same and sent my dreams off too. I felt really nervous at the time as it was really the first time I was even admitting it all to myself, but now I have I know things will start moving.

  3. Good for you! I'm so pleased you have found the courage to find your dreams and now make them happen! Good luck.

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