Green cross cat?

Have you ever had one of those moments where something has run out in front of your car and you try your hardest to NOT hit it? Yes well we have all been there and done that and yesterday was no exception. We were in the car off to visit nanny when a cat ran out straight in front of my car, Princess and Drama screamed and I slammed on my breaks.

“Bloody cat” I love animals but I hate it when they do that, Princess made me pull over to make sure I hadn’t hit it. So I pulled over so she could inspect for herself, she checked under the car and she checked around the back of the car. The cat was gone; she started to get upset just in case he was hurt, and then from around the corner came the little black and white cat.

Princess was pleased; she insisted we put the cat in the car so we could take it to the police after all it was naughty to run across the road like that. After I explained that mummy was allergic to cats so we couldn’t take it anywhere, Princess declared “It’s ok mummy you can open the window so you can’t smell him”. If only life was that easy, then I told her if we took the cat away he would probably miss whoever was looking after him, she wasn’t impressed and she said “well they aren’t looking after him properly if he is allowed to run across main roads like that.

She had a point, but I explained cats are like that, the roam around all day and then go home for tea. After I had finally convinced her to leave the cat where it was, she got back into the car and we carried on up the road to nanny’s house.

The conversation about the cat wasn’t over; Princess had a few more ideas about what we could do to stop animals from running out in front of cars.

Princess: “We should have little crossings for them”

Mummy: “What do you mean?”

Princess: “You know where they have to press the button and then when the green cat or dog comes on, then they can cross safely”

She is full of these wonderful ideas, and then she declared that all cats and dogs should always hold their mummy’s and daddy’s hands when they cross the road because it’s a very dangerous place. Well at least I know she has been listening to me all along, when we cross the roads, but her last idea was the best of all.

Princess: “I think that all the animals that run out on to the road should be sent to a special school so they can learn their Green Cross Road!”

Well she was nearly right, and the cat well he was still dodging the traffic, I guess he wanted to use up some of his nine lives.

About Lena Doherty

Mummy to four and Wifey to one. I'm a 34 year old,who is following her dream of becoming a Freelance Journalist/Columnist. Trying to make a better life for her little family, dreams of living in the country. Thats all really!
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3 Responses to Green cross cat?

  1. wheniwas8 says:

    I love the idea of a green cross cat, just hope that it will include ducks and hedgehogs as well:)

  2. That is just sooooo cute! I love it!And Princess is my Dad's name for me (yes – i am over 18 but what can you do) ;D

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a brilliant conversation….she's a little doll. The whole exchange reminded me of a time when, about 30 odd years ago a cat ran in front of my dad's car and we unfortunately hit it….After not too much persuasion he ended up roaming the woodchurch estate with the dead cat trying to find the owner….he did in the end. xx

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