Wow have you ever had one of THOSE days where you actually thought you would never stop crying? Well that was my day yesterday; Daddy Mission had to go to hospital to have an operation on his eye. He was having a new tear duct put into his right eye, it sounds painful but it was supposed to be a case of a 45 minute operation then home for well deserved R&R.

But things in the Mission household NEVER run that smoothly, so why was I shocked when yesterday was filled with chaos and tears. It all started at 3am in the morning when my bloody body clock decided to set it’s alarm off, so that was me awake and working (no rest for the wicked) then just as I started to fall asleep at 6am cue little footsteps. Princess was awake and wanting some breakfast, I should have known there and then this day was going to be a nightmare.

So already exhausted, I woke the rest of the tribe for 7am. With the normal breakfast time chaos came the shouting and screaming from the usual suspects Teenage and Drama, it’s always those two. Come 8.30 I gleefully waved all the little ones off to school and took Monster off to his Great nanas for the day, she was taking care of him for me whilst I held daddy’s hand for the day. Once we arrived at the hospital the parking was awful as always so daddy took the decision to park in one of the side streets (15 minutes away from the hospital) but it was his day, who was I to dare judge this decision?

Once we had walked from the car to the hospital daddy was called into the room more or less straight away that is when this day got more tears than it bargained for! Once In the room the nurse explained that this is where my part in the proceedings ended as relatives aren’t allowed to stay with patients anymore. I took a deep breath they wanted me to leave him, the lump in the throat was appearing and a tear dripped down my face. Daddy said he would be fine, the nurse assured me that they would keep me updated and I could come up once the operation was over to sit with Daddy in the day ward.

Tears dripping down my cheeks, I kissed daddy goodbye and walked out of the hospital. As I walked I suddenly remembered I didn’t take any notice of where we had parked the car, I couldn’t go back so still upset from having to leave daddy I walked in the direction I thought the car might be. I was still crying like a baby and to make things worse I hadn’t take a jacket, you guessed it the rain poured, I looked a right mess walking the streets sobbing and soaking I called my best friend Lou talked me through everything and I even found the car whilst sobbing down the phone to her. (God she’s good).

Once in the car I composed myself and started the engine, and what song should happen to be playing on the radio, Leona Lewis’s version of Snow Patrols “RUN”. I love this song so bursting into tears once more I tried to sing along to the radio, it was no good I sound like a strangled cat at the best of times, but crying at the same time wasn’t a good sound. I decided I needed people around me so I went and did a bit of shopping to get some of Daddy’s favourites in for tea, then I went to Nan’s to see how monster was getting on. He hadn’t missed me one little bit, in fact his first words were “what are you doing here?” Well gee thanks son I love you too, it was nice to feel so wanted and loved by my youngest.

I decided It had been 2 hours since I left daddy so I called the hospital after all he was second on the list so he must be getting prepped by now, the lady on the telephone told me they couldn’t find him and was I sure I had the right hospital. Oh my god had lost my husband, surely not. I told them I would call back later, by this time it was 3pm so I collected Princess from school and went back to Nan’s for a cuppa and to make a quick call to the hospital, this time they told me he was in theatre and to call back in an hour. I was happier that they had found him but my mind was still everywhere, I called the hospital at 4pm and they told me he wasn’t on the ward yet, so I hedged my bets and left to go to the hospital surely by the time I got there he would be out of theatre and in need of a friendly face.

Nope I got there 20 minutes later and I was told he was not on the ward yet, where could he be? I went and made some calls to the mother in law and went back onto the ward where I was told he was there. Phew I really needed to see my brave daddy, but the ward sister had other ideas. I asked if I could see him, NO I was told by a rather unhappy Ward Sister “No family members are allowed onto this ward”! You will have to go and wait somewhere else until we are ready to send your husband home. When I asked how long did she think that would be, she replied “well that would be like me asking you how long a piece of string is?” How rude I stormed off to the car, dripping in tears once more.

It was 5pm pitch black and freezing cold, I had no other option but to wait in the car as I had left my bag at Nan’s in the rush to get back to the hospital. With no money, the cheapest place was the car at least I could cry in peace in there, then it got to 6.30 and my phone decided to stop making any more outgoing calls, this just summed up my day bad to worse. My friend Lou came to the rescue once more by calling the hospital and pretending to be his sister, he does have a sister so technically that wasn’t a lie. The nurse told her he was ready to be discharged, she called me back and I could hear the relief in her voice, she knew there would be no more drama now Daddy was coming home.

I raced back into the hospital, where I was greeted on the ward by a normal looking Daddy. I was most surprised the least I expected was a patch over the eye, but no he looked a little sleepy and his eye looked a little redder than usual. I asked him was he ok and was he in any pain, he looked at me and muttered the words “ I didn’t have it done!” Oh my word I had left him in the hospital for over 7 and ½ hours and what had they done. Well its clear to say apart from put him under general anathestic , they had done NOTHING.

It was later explained that the surgeon couldn’t get the laser to go past his Septum, so they decided to abort the surgery and refer daddy over to ENT where they can now take over his care and Daddy well he is still groggy after the effects of the surgery and shocked that I parked in the car park where you had to pay. He will get over the grogginess, but having to pay two pound for parking will scar him forever.

About Lena Doherty

Mummy to four and Wifey to one. I'm a 34 year old,who is following her dream of becoming a Freelance Journalist/Columnist. Trying to make a better life for her little family, dreams of living in the country. Thats all really!
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3 Responses to OPERATION DADDY!

  1. Oh, what a day!Tomorrow WILL be better, so make the most of the weekend and try to chill out.(And by the way, since when have hospitals gone all anti-family? I thought that belonged back in the 1930s.)

  2. Louise says:

    Love it Le, Even my mention xx

  3. Miss N says:

    god what a day! have had similar experiences with a local hospital, they are ever so helpful!

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