Breakfast with the Missions!

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As you all know being a Mission is hard work, and as a mum I do try my best to make sure that the family eats a healthy range of meals, but breakfast is the hardest meal ever to actually get to eat.

With all the rushing around we do in the mornings, it no wonder us mums may skip breakfast to make sure everything gets done in time.  So breakfast for me would normally be a cold cup of tea, I just really don’t have the time.  

As a mum I find myself giving all the best advice to the children:

  •  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • Make sure you eat all of your vegetables
  • Don’t skip meals or you will end up snaking on the wrong things.

If only I was wise enough to follow my own advice?  After skipping breakfast I would find myself, about 10 am snacking on biscuits and crisps, which are just not good for my waistline.

So when I was asked by HOVIS to take part in the re launch of their Wholemeal range I was a little unsure to say the least, after all having a family of four to look after in the morning, when was I going to have the time to make a healthy breakfast on a school day?

So I decided we would give it a go and see how we got on, what was there to lose?

Day One:  The whole family was excited when we received the hamper and they were all deciding on which recipe they all wanted to try first.  Monster went first he wanted good old Egg and Soldiers.  It was probably the first time we had all sat down to breakfast together as a family, but it was a huge success and I found that as a family we didn’t snack at all which was a great feeling.

Day Two: It was a little more difficult today, the children have Tae Kwon do on a Sunday and we tend to have lots of different places to be.  Teenage Mission decided he wanted to try Mushrooms on Toast.  Again a massive success, not a snack in sight and the first time the children said they were hungry it was in fact time for lunch anyway.

Day Three: Monday morning, school run for three of the children, but getting up 30 minutes earlier to prepare breakfast was much nicer than rushing around.  I got to choose today so it was poached egg on toast all round.  The children loved it all and it was so nice seeing them go to school knowing they had a healthy breakfast inside them.

Day Four: The alarm clock failed to wake us; it was like a scene from Home alone.  I was determined the children would not miss out on breakfast so some Banana on toast was called for.  At first the children weren’t too sure, but once munching away teenage Mission actually took some more with him for his walk to school.

Day Five: I was starting to run out of ideas what the children would love to eat for breakfast, Drama Mission stepped in this morning she wanted cheese on toast!  Not the healthiest option until I discovered she meant Philadelphia on Toast, it was lovely.

Day Six: Was Princess Missions turn to choose what she wanted on her Hovis wholemeal, she wanted Tomatoes.  So after slicing some tomatoes and grilling the slices we had grilled tomatoes on toast, something I would never have thought Teenage mission would ever eat.  His plate was cleared.

Day Seven: It was sadly the last day of the challenge, but it had taught us all a very important lesson about how Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  We celebrated with grilled bacon (no fat) on toast.

So what have I learnt from taking part in the Hovis challenge, that no matter what diet you are on Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Hovis Wholemeal can help you. It stopped me from snacking whilst working and kept me fuller for longer.

So this is Mummy Missions challenge to you:

  • Remember Hovis Wholemeal is rich in fibre which keeps you fuller for longer and could help stop snacking.


  • Try swapping your usual breakfast for two slices of Hovis Wholemeal toast, with a range of tasty toppings, to get your day off to the best possible start.



Go on what have you got to lose?  .

Lots of love

Mummy Mission

About Lena Doherty

Mummy to four and Wifey to one. I'm a 34 year old,who is following her dream of becoming a Freelance Journalist/Columnist. Trying to make a better life for her little family, dreams of living in the country. Thats all really!
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3 Responses to Breakfast with the Missions!

  1. LincolnAndMe says:

    I REALLY want all of the above on toast now! Hahaha xx

  2. Some of these look lovely on toast will have to try some I am sure Baba will love banana on toast as he loves both! xx

  3. bananas on toast is a new idea to me
    we have a chicken so egg on toast is a nice idea and I remember loving soldiers so must return to that.
    mushrooms also good and tomatoes so long as lots of pepper on them
    salivating now which is way too much information but you see what you have caused lol

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