Who Said Romance is dead? (Well maybe not quite!)


I have heard it being said on so many occasions and it’s so true (well in the Mission house it is anyway),  You see Daddy Mission has never been very good at romance, when we first met he wined and dined me (well chippy tea and a bottle of red counts doesn’t it?)

He never really got the hang of the whole romance thing, but he is a man and not many of them get it right.  We girls have had our hope raised by watching chick flicks where the man Woo’s the woman, sends her flowers, gives her Diamonds and does the whole romance thing.

Daddy Mission did try in the early stages.  I once told him I saw a cute little puppy (a stuffed one) in a shop on the way home from work.  The next night I arrived home from work and he told me that I couldn’t go into the kitchen.  When I asked why he said he had found a little puppy roaming around outside and as we lived on the main road he brought it in until the RSPCA arrived.

I went to investigate; my kitchen was no place for some flea invested puppy!  There sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor was this little stuffed puppy I had told him about the previous night.  Kicking myself that I didn’t tell him about the huge diamond I saw instead, he was rewarded with a kiss from mummy.

I also remember another time when he called me at work to tell me he had brought me a gift.  I was excited all day, when I arrived home he proudly opened the kitchen door to show me my gift.  A Washing Machine (what every woman dreams of), I rolled my eyes and went off to get changed.  Later on Daddy Mission gave me his socks and told me to go and do a wash (so romantic) ignoring his request I carried on watching TV.  Later that evening I decided now that I have a new washing machine I may as well use it. So whilst daddy was in the shower I took some washing into the kitchen as I opened the washing machine door I found a silver box inside (now realising why daddy was so keen on me doing a wash) I decided to play trick on him.  I took the silver box out and put the clothes in and turned on the machine.

Daddy rushed downstairs to find me sitting watching TV (well I was 3 months pregnant) he had this strange grin on his face.  When I asked what he was grinning for he said “Did you get your present?” (He wasn’t talking about the washing machine but play along)  “Yes you showed me the washing machine” I replied.

“No your other present?” daddy announced.  “What are you talking about?” I asked.  He went on to explain that he thought the washing machine was a bit of a crap present to give to a three month pregnant woman so he had hid a gift inside (which he really didn’t think I knew about).  When I told him I had just put the washer on his face was a picture (I’m so mean).  He rushed outside to find the silver wrapping from the present on the side and me standing in the doorway wearing my gorgeous present.

He had brought me a charm bracelet with a heart charm on it.  It was so beautiful, but he lost daddy points for trying to trick me.

I could go on forever with the “thoughtful” presents daddy has brought me and none of them were romantic.  The Ironing board, the Chocolate Subuteo (don’t ask), the garage flowers, the list is endless.  It can’t be just Daddy Mission that is the most unromantic man in the world.  Can it?

I know we had the whirliest whirl wind romance, we had only been going out with each other for three months then I discovered I was pregnant with Teenage Mission. 

He does try every now and again, like this year he never sends me an Anniversary card (he never remembers), never mind a Valentines Card (which I don’t really mind) but this year things are looking up.  I actually got a Valentines Card with the message “I may drive you mad sometimes, but my heart is in the right place…Next to yours. “

So fingers crossed after 14 years together and 8 years married he might actually remember what date our wedding anniversary is.  Fingers crossed. Xx

Lots of love



About Lena Doherty

Mummy to four and Wifey to one. I'm a 34 year old,who is following her dream of becoming a Freelance Journalist/Columnist. Trying to make a better life for her little family, dreams of living in the country. Thats all really!
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1 Response to Who Said Romance is dead? (Well maybe not quite!)

  1. It sounds like he very rarely gets it right but at least he tries, his heart is in the right place. I think his Valentines Day message was lovely, but you were a tad evil winding him up about his present in the washing machine 😉

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