Bad Mummy Club!


Have you ever been made to feel like you’re just a terrible Mum?  Have Health Visitors and Midwives, ever made you feel like you are just not worthy?  Maybe it was a mum in school that makes you feel like a failure? *starts counting heads*

Then apply to be a part of the Bad Mummy Club, we don’t judge, we just listen and maybe have a cup of tea with a nice slice of cake. (Ok a big slice of cake).

I don’t normally let things like this get me into a massive rant, but I feel that it’s finally time to let it all out and maybe I will feel better after saying it all.  Please beware that some of you may hate me after this post.

Right apparently we are BAD MUMMYS if we don’t Breast Feed our children.  Now let me get this out there.  I have the upmost respect for any mummy that chooses to Breast feed, but please don’t make us mums that choose not too or simply can’t feel bad.  I am so sick of going to our GP’s at the moment (they have one of those screens that for ads and stuff.)  You know the ones, and I am so sick of that she’s a star Breast feeding mum’s ad.

In my eyes all mums that try their very best for their children, whether we choose to feed them from our bodies or from a shiny tin in the supermarket makes us no different.   I was frowned at in the hospital all 4 times for not breast feeding, I simply couldn’t do it. 

Next on the list is Weaning too early, right when my son was 4 months (he is now a teenager) we were advised to start weaning at 4 months.  This was perfectish.  Ok he got a bit peckish around 3mths old but a little tiny bit of baby rice sorted that out. (What! he was hungry).  When I had Monster nearly 3 years ago they were recommending I didn’t wean him until he was 6 whole months old.  I’m sorry but to some babies that is just cruel. 

When Hitler…Ops sorry the Health Visitor shouted at me for weaning monster at 4 months, I couldn’t believe my ears she was basically telling me to starve my child.  Red rag to a bull and I asked her if he was underweight, crying constantly then which department of Social Services she would report me to.  End of matter all babies are different, if they are hungry feed them.

This brings me nicely onto Jarred Food. I was made to feel like a proper bad Mummy, by another mummy at school, because I didn’t make my own baby food.  Now don’t get me wrong I have done the whole faffing around with carrots, mash and other such stuff, cooking it all up and putting it in ice cube trays.  It was all good at the beginning, but my four ate for England.  I would use a whole ice cube tray every day.  So in the end I resorted to baby jars *listens for the gasps* there I said it.  It kept the kids happy, so happy Babies = Happy Mummy.

Another thing I have been made to feel bad about is TV time.  This is one of the ONLY times we will get a chance to do the housework. So when I was made to feel bad about even letting little one watch Cbebbies, I stared to challenge my mummy skills.  How bad could watching TV be for little Monster?  After all, all of the other Missions had watched it an it simply done them no harm, it’s not like I was letting them watch the Playboy channel now was it?

As they grow older we have a whole other set of bad mummy rules to break, take for example dare I say it.  I sometimes feed my children *Deep Breath*  FROZEN FOOD *hangs head in shame*

Seriously whatever!  I give them sweets as well, so you might as well hang me now!

I am so sick and tired of being branded a BAD MUMMY, by people who don’t know me.

So what if i dont buy my daughters Lellie Kellie shoes or I dare to say NO to my kids on occasions. 

Who cares that I shop at Primark, Tesco and Asda for clothes, because they are cheaper and sometime much nicer.

I won’t be judged because I ignore Temper tantrums whilst at the shops, yes I am one of those mums that walks away from their child. (but I have also just given in sometimes for a peaceful life.)

 I am making a stand for all the “BAD MUMMY’S” out there *looks around* *prays I’m not alone*

So if you’re a Bad Mummy, then please leave a comment in the box and I will come and give you a gold star for joining the club.

Lots of love



Please note that i am in no way judging mummys who follow the book, but mummy hood is hard sometimes and there are no firm rules to follow. x

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What’s your Dream present?

 Whilst on Twitter the other night I found a little tweet from a lovely lady called Shelly (she is better known on twitter as @PresentDreamsUK)

She was asking what your dream gift would be and would we share it with her.  So I sat all the Missions down and asked each of them to have a think.  If they could have one gift, no price restriction what would it be?

I started with the Littest first Monster: 

Mummy: What would you like as a present?

Monster: Errrrmmmmm feeties (sweeties)

Mummy: You can have anything you want

Monster: Errrrmmm Peppa Pig.

Ok we will leave that one there for a minute it could take some time with Monster.

Then I asked Princess:

She was easy…Mummy she declared I would like a double buggy with two dollies and changing bags with real nappies.

I love a girl who knows what she wants.

Drama was next:

Like her little sister she didn’t even pause…I want Aston she declared!  Yes you know the young one from JLS.  Well he is kind of cute.

I dreaded the next one it was Teenage Mission:

He said he wanted something or other, but as you know with teenagers they are just a bundle of grunts and moans so I got him to write it down for me.

Next was Daddy:

He knew exactly what he wanted; more VW camper van stuff of course as his camper is his pride and joy I wouldn’t have expected anything less really.

Then it was finally my turn, what would I choose?  I never treat myself to gifts, my family used to give me the money to go and buy something that I wanted.  That never happened I used to spend the money on the kids.  (Well there is always something they need)

So when I had the opportunity to really think about what I wanted I jumped at the chance so many things I would love, clothes, shoes but most of all I love anything cutesy.

So when I heard about presentdreams my little heart skipped a beat.  I got even more excited once I started browsing.  So if I could choose 5 things just for me (well maybe for others as well), then this is what I would choose.

1.  This amazing heart photo frame it would look fabulous hanging in my conservatory but I would need to order 4 one for each mission child.

2.  Butterfly Cake Stand this is so beautiful and the detail on it is so pretty.

3.  Would have to be this gorgeous Baby essential bouquet.  I know I said my wish list but this would make me smile to be able to give this to my beautiful pregnant sister who is expecting a beautiful baby girl in April.

4.  Now this would make me smile, as I adore cute little things like this fabulous Daisy cosmetic dolly bag

5.  Finally I would have to have these gorgeous Large gift bags as well as these cute Gift Tags, Gift Tag.

So I know what I will be doing today planning all of my families cutesy gifts, ordering in my gift wrap and maybe getting myself a lovely little gift for being so organised.

Make sure you pop over to Presant Dreams soon and see if it makes you smile too.

Lots of love


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Daddy’s Favourite Word!


Most Daddy’s have a favourite word or saying don’t they?  They can vary from, “In a minute” to “I’ll do it later” then my all time favourite “what have you been doing all day” (I knew that one would get you).

If you ask any of the Mission kids they will tell you that our daddy uses all the above phrases and more but the one he uses the most is “NO”.  He loves that word so much that we have actually told him we will have it imprinted on his forehead to save him saying it.  Well we wouldn’t ever want him to lose his voice now would we.

So we as Missions have decided to take a stand against Daddy and every time he uses his favourite word we are going to do the opposite. (just to teach him a lesson)

Take Teenage Mission for a prime example, he wanted to go for tea at the pub for his 13th birthday… Daddy said “NO” so Mummy grabbed the phone called up the whole family and booked the table.  Guess what Daddy came to the meal and he had a really good time.

Then there was Drama Mission she wanted so desperately to see JLS in concert… Daddy said…(you got it) “NO” so as a good mummy we went and booked it anyway.  It seems daddy coped with babysitting the two little ones after all and Drama got the best birthday present ever.

Next is Princess Mission’s birthday, now this gorgeous little girl will be 5 and she has picked something she has wanted for ages as a gift.  A Rabbit.  I know some of you will think she is a little young, but Drama Mission wants to buy one too out of her birthday money she has left over.

Daddy said “NO”…Mummy went and put a deposit on a hutch, two rabbit and all the accessorise.

Your getting the jist of this now aren’t you?  I’m not saying Daddy is a bad Daddy or Hubby he goes out to work every day to look after his family. We just now as a family want to change his way of thinking and evict THAT word from his vocabulary.

So the next few tasks we have planned are:

A massive party for Monster as it will be his 3rd birthday and Christening in the same week, so much to celebrate. (Oh and we are missing a god parent, so any offers would be appreciated)

I am currently de-cluttering and re-vamping the house and at the end of the month we will have an estate agent around to value this tiny house so we can move. (Another thing daddy has already said no too).

You may by now be thinking “god what a spoilt cow” I’m so not believe me, and I’m so not a “yes Mummy” you know the ones who are afraid of saying no to their kids.

I say “No” a lot too.  When Princess and Drama wanted Lellie Kellie shoes I said “Nooooooooooooo way”.

When Teenage Mission wanted to go to Town and hang around with his mates on a Saturday I said “ermmmm NO”.

When the kids want sweets before dinner I say “Not a chance”. (well it’s as good as no).

My “No’s” are practical, sensible and needed.  Daddy’s “NO’s” are just not needed.  So wish us luck on our challenge to only let Daddy use the word “NO” when he actually needs too.

Lots of Love


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Laura’s Little Bakery – Review

We all need cake in our lives (well we do) and the Missions love a bit of cake too.   So when I spotted an amazing little lady on Twitter @LaurasBakery I knew I had to try out her delicious looking cakes.

So no time like the present I asked her if she could make me a Chocolate Fudge Cake (the Missions favourite cake).  We have tried and tested so many Chocolate Fudge Cakes and still failed to find one that we all adore, until now that is.

You see its Teenage Missions birthday on Wednesday and as he will officially be a TEENAGER he got to pick his cake.  So I took him on to the Laura’s little bakery website and told him to take a look.  So many fab cakes, but the ultimate challenge was then thrown down.  “Can she make Chocolate Fudge cakes?”  I asked the lovely Laura and the challenge was set.

Saturday morning arrived and so did our lovely little baker with the most amazing cake I have ever seen.  It was no ordinary Chocolate fudge cake but it was surrounded by mini cupcakes.  Laura had done us proud.

The cake was finally eaten at Teenage Missions Pre Birthday tea with friends and family, everyone agreed it was the nicest cake ever.  The Mini cup cakes were so moist and fluffy just as they should be.  As for the main cake, it was amazingly good.  Ever cake Laura bakes with her own fair hands, she decorates them with due care and attention and as a result of this she is one of the most sought after cake makers on Merseyside. (or she will be shortly).

She sells the most amazing selection of Cup cakes, Cheese Cakes, Celebration Cakes,Tarts and Pâtisserie, Bundt cakes, Traybakes, Seasonal Cakes and Gluton Free Cakes.

  • Salted caramel with home-made chocolate heart*
  • Lemon meringue with popping candy
  • Rocky road
  • Vanilla (diffent colours available)
  • Carrot with white chocolate cream cheese frosting*
  • Lemon and poppy seed
  • Red velvet
  • Baileys and white chocolate*
  • Hershey’s cookie cream*
  • Chocolate toffee fudge*
  • Strawberry cheesecake with fresh strawberries*
  • Raspberry cheesecake with fresh raspberries*
  • Cherry cheesecake with fresh cherries*
  • Cherry cream
  • Coffee and walnut
  • Gluten free chocolate
  • Chocolate
  • Sticky toffee pudding*
  • Malteser
  • Black velvet (Guinness and Bailey’s)*

So what are you waiting for?   Go to her fabulous website 

Follow her on twitter @laurasbakery

Make sure you “LIKE” her page on facebook  LaurasLittleBakery

You can also buy her Cakes at Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool city centre and at Dafna’s on Smithdown Road in Liverpool.

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Robe Around – By Sporty Bump


I was asked to review this inventive new product, Robe Around from Sporty Bump.

It was designed to make being pregnant and getting dried a lot easier.  My sister Hannah, who is 29 weeks pregnant, tried out the Robe Around for me.

The great thing about this product is that it grows with your bump. She found that when she got out of the shower, and wrapped the Robe around her body she wasn’t afraid that it was going to fall down.  She was able to pick her son up without it coming loose, she was also able to dry her hair and the Robe Around stayed in place at all times.

The Robe Around is comfortable due to the hidden panel in the front and extendable with strong Velcro panel along the top of the robe.  This product is an all round winner for before and after the little arrival.  It will make fiddly towels a thing of the past.

One thing I would say is to make sure you wash the product before you use, as my sister was so keen to use her Robe Around she forgot to wash it and was covered in small black pieces of fluff. She was so impressed with her gorgeous Robe she has already started to recommend it to all her pregnant mummy friends.

At £20 the product seemed a little expensive, but when you think about how you can use the product during and after the pregnancy it is a welcome addition to any woman’s bath time routine.

Go and check out the whole Sporty Bump range at  you will not regret it.

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Mummy’s Job Description


Being a mum is the greatest job in the world, getting the job can be hard.  You go for the interview, you meet your new work colleagues, and you spend ages waiting to hear if you got the job. Then someone important delivers the good news (That’s the easy bit done) all you have to do now is decide on a name!

If a mum had a job description it would read more like a copy of war and peace.  We have so many hats sometimes we forget which one is on.  So here are just a few of the jobs mummy is responsible for:

Mummy/Slave:  Generally shouted for when a servant is needed, such as the TV needs tuning over or that glass of juice is just too far out of reach.

Laundry Maid: The one, who picks it up, washes it, dries it, irons it and then puts it all away. 

Cook:  Cafe Mission opens at 6.30 in the morning and then closes about 8.30 just after Drama has finished her Toast.

Washer upper:  Duties can include scanning every room of the house for any dishes left in unusual places.

Hairdresser:  On call for daughters when they need emergency hair straightening or other such duties.

Fashion Police/Dresser:  On call 24/7 with growing daughters who knows what they will try and get away with wearing. Also repsponsible for making sure little ones look presentable for school, even though they will come home looking like they have been dragged around the school play ground by their hair!

Taxi:  This one hasn’t come into full force yet, but when a touch of rain is in the air and Drama refuses to go to school with “frizzy hair” the taxi has to take them to school. This also includes taking friends home after Play dates etc.

Nurse Maid: Duties will include working with sick, blood and snot.  Unsociable hours sometimes, but perks include a permanent parking space and seat at the doctors.

Cleaner: Toys, roller blades, shoes, bikes etc.  If it’s lying on the floor it’s your job to pick it up!

Nit Nurse:  This is a very occasional job, but the little buggers get everywhere so beds will need to be stripped, towels boiled washed and smelly Nit lotion to be applied to EVERYONE!

Mind Reader:  You will always be on step ahead of the game, knowing that their P.E kit is covered in mud and they need it for the next day.  Knowing when they need that top for a party on Saturday, the list is endless.

Occasional Dad: This applies when Daddy is busy being an important football manager on the play station or Xbox.  Mummy/Slave duties will double!

Bank Manager:  There are times when your children will expect paying for those imaginary chores they do around the house. They will quote this saying on various occasions “Mummmmm Can you lend me a fiver until I get my pocket money?”

Hotel Maid:  Your duties will include running a bath, making sure that there are clean towels to hand, making sure the bed is “Turned down” this includes the PJ’s being left out, but excludes a mint being left on the pillow.  This may also include a bedtime story!

Receptionist: You will take phone calls and rely messages, You will greet ones friends when they arrive for play dates , karaoke sessions etc and supply then with copious amounts of Juice then when it’s time to go home you will Taxi them back to their parents. (See Above)

Right now if I have Ieft anything off this Job description please feel free to add in the comments box after all us Mum’s have to stick together.  So do you still want the job?

Please note we are not an Equal Opportunities employer, we will not be expecting you to go on training sessions, we will not be expecting you to further your qualifications in any way, shape or form.  *small print if anyone called Andy Gray asks you to tuck something in for him please say no*

Lots of Hugs


Mummy Mission

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My Life would be all a GLEE!

Have you ever sat and listened to a song and thought it was so made for your life right at that moment?  I have many songs in my life that have so many meanings to me.  For instance Jason Donovan’s “Too many broken hearts” was one of the first singles I ever brought, Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak my heart” was the first song I heard when I split up with my boyfriend and Paul Wellars “You do something to me” was the first song I heard when I met my husband.

So what would my life be like a day in the life of those GLEE peeps, you know the ones, those cheesy American high school kids that break into song at the drop of a hat?

I decided that I would set myself a GLEE day in the life challenge; my life in song…Here goes!

My days always start with the usual cuppa and slice of toast before *Breaks into song*


(Go on admit it you were all sing along and it so fits into my GLEE day!) Anyway back to it the kids get up and fight and fuss about EVERYTHING but we make it through to the school run. *Breaks into song*


School run over (phew that was cool) so off to normal mummy duties, bits of house work whilst Mr Kyles on the box when… *burst into more song*

Sorry Daddy I’m Kinda Busy ( )

(God at this rate I’m never going to get anything done)  So now for the work bit over to the laptop, features and blogs to type up.  Mrs Boss lady (who I adore) keeps me busy.  After a while I start to need a brew. Then I receive an email from a PR:

Dear Lana… What’s my name again ( )

Anyway so over people getting my name wrong, Cbebbies keeping Monster busy but I seem to have a stupid song buzzing around my head.   You have now I guess.  Well that makes two of us then.

Back to it and it’s already time to collect the kids from school, so the Missions team will be back together again.  *Bursts into song*

We are Family ( )

Back home and back to motherly duties, tea cooking, Kids screaming, then Daddy decides to come home and Nobody is listening to Mummy * Bursts into song*

When I speak LISTEN ( )

So tea finally over, Bath time complete, Pj’s on and Monsters cue to go to bed.

With Monster and Princess tucked up nicely in bed that Just Teenage and Drama to pack off to their rooms and some Mummy and Daddy down time.

 Dedicated to Daddy:

(and if daddy ever leaves Dave Grohl would make a very suitable alternative)

So that was my Glee day, god I’m now officially exhausted so I’m off to bed, I hope you have enjoyed my GLEE day as much as I have.  Maybe I will have one a week from now on.

Lots of Love


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