IKEA – Toy Stories

 As we all know  Ikea, is a well known place of fun.  I have spent many a Sunday afternoon roaming around our Warrington Store looking for the latest ideas for the home.  This time IKEA have come up with an innovative idea on how we can get our kids imaginations running wild.

They have launched an interactive programme called Toy Stories and it is a fabulous way to get your children to use their own imagination.

The Idea came from a recent study called the Play report from IKEA, the world’s largest study of play and kid’s development, found that 89% of parents agree that play is important to encourage their child’s imagination.  To inspire this creativity, IKEA has created an engaging new Facebook application called ‘Toy Stories’, which offers kids the chance to interact with a range of characters to create their very own story, ideal for parents and kids to do together.

 I was asked to try out this fabulous new interactive story book idea and see how it all works and what the children really thought of it all.  The idea is that your child picks one of their favourite IKEA soft toy characters.

Once your child has picked their favourite character, then the children are encouraged to think of a name for their character in the story.

The next stage is picking from three topics for your story, these include Picnic Basket, In the Jungle and Birthday Party.  Once they’ve picked this they will then, with the help of ready illustrations use their imagination to write their own narrative to accompany the story.    

Toy stories does, involve a small amount of parental assistance, depending on the age of your child. 

The Illustrations make it easy for your child to make up the story as they go along and their little imaginations will come alive before their very eyes.

Once the story is complete, you then have the option to print off the story in colour or even print the story out so your child can continue using their creativity and imagination by colouring in the pictures once it’s been printed out.

Children are also encouraged to share their stories with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter links and they can also enter their story into a weekly Toy Stories competition on the Facebook Page.

Along with the Toy Stories theme, IKEA also know how children love painting and drawing and creating their own mini masterpieces for family, friends and their own bedroom walls. Traditionally, these might have been displayed on the family fridge door and now, for the first time, IKEA are giving parents the chance to share their children’s artwork with friends and family on their new Flickr Group.  You can upload your children’s artwork to the Fridge Door and you could also be in with a chance of winning a weekly prize of an IKEA art set. Visit your fridge door page for more information. 

You can find all this and more on IKEA’s Make the world play more pages.

What the children thought:

My 9 year old daughter Emily, knows her way around the laptop so she found the whole thing really easy to use, she loved the fact that she was in full control of the story and the pictures made it really easy to make up the words.  She was that impressed she actually has now got her whole class involved.

My 4 year old daughter Mollie needed a little more help with the typing, she told me exactly what to write in her story.  She loved the fact that she could colour in the pictures once she had printed off her story.

I can only conclude that with over 23,000 people already liking the Facebook page that this is already a massive hit from those great people from IKEA.

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