Robe Around – By Sporty Bump


I was asked to review this inventive new product, Robe Around from Sporty Bump.

It was designed to make being pregnant and getting dried a lot easier.  My sister Hannah, who is 29 weeks pregnant, tried out the Robe Around for me.

The great thing about this product is that it grows with your bump. She found that when she got out of the shower, and wrapped the Robe around her body she wasn’t afraid that it was going to fall down.  She was able to pick her son up without it coming loose, she was also able to dry her hair and the Robe Around stayed in place at all times.

The Robe Around is comfortable due to the hidden panel in the front and extendable with strong Velcro panel along the top of the robe.  This product is an all round winner for before and after the little arrival.  It will make fiddly towels a thing of the past.

One thing I would say is to make sure you wash the product before you use, as my sister was so keen to use her Robe Around she forgot to wash it and was covered in small black pieces of fluff. She was so impressed with her gorgeous Robe she has already started to recommend it to all her pregnant mummy friends.

At £20 the product seemed a little expensive, but when you think about how you can use the product during and after the pregnancy it is a welcome addition to any woman’s bath time routine.

Go and check out the whole Sporty Bump range at  you will not regret it.

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